About the Coalition

Mission Statement

The Coalition to Stop Overdevelopment of DePiero’s Farm is an ad-hoc group of organizations, businesses, and individuals dedicated to preserving for current and future generations as much of the open space as possible of the 27-acre DePiero’s Country Farm on Grand and Summit Avenues in Montvale, Bergen County, NJ.

Who Are We?

We are residents, office workers, concerned citizens, teachers, retailers, environmental advocates, and civic leaders who live, work, and/or own/manage an established business in Montvale and the surrounding community.

We are united in a common sense of irrevocable loss at the prospect of the last, largest tract of productive farmland in Montvale being turned into a massive, high-density development.

The Coalition is made up of three classes of members – businesses, organizations, and individuals. We are currently recruiting additional members. Some present organization and business members of the Coalition are: Bergen SWAN, B-Hive Organic Salon, Pascack Sustainability Group, Rockland Farm Alliance, Hungry Hollow Co-op, and the Sierra Club North Jersey Group.

What We Want

  • For the Montvale Planning Board and Mayor and Council to hold off on rezoning the DePiero’s acreage until:
    • A full environmental impact statement has been done.
    • The public has had much more chance of being heard.
    • Additional outcomes for the property can be considered FIRST.
  • To retain as much as possible of the open space, rural charm, and capacity for local growing of our food supply.
  • To keep new developments to a modest footprint that sits well with the surrounding suburban neighborhoods and stays within human proportions.
  • To avoid endangering the economic viability of existing smaller stores in town and in the vicinity.
  • To keep our local roads safe for motorists, commuters, and students, and to refrain from turning County roads into oversized highways clogged with combined local, commuter, truck delivery, and commercial traffic.
  • To increase trees and other vegetation, and decrease impervious surfaces, and not the opposite.
  • To consider the environmental consequences of overbuilding – new impervious surfaces from commercial and road construction exacerbate downslope flooding and create more sources of polluted stormwater runoff that enters our drinking water supply and further deteriorates local waterways. Additional traffic and road widening will generate more air and water pollution, eliminate vegetated buffers, add to noise levels, and increase heat.

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